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Clinical Applications of Golead Handheld Ultrasound


Latest company news about Clinical Applications of Golead Handheld Ultrasound

1.Department of Anesthesiology: airway ultrasound, positioning of tracheal intubation, ultrasound image of brachial plexus, peripherally inserted central venous catheter, real-time observation of the process of puncture needle entering blood vessel, subclavian vein puncture catheter, internal jugular vein puncture catheter, upper limb Block (shoulder, elbow, hand surgery): brachial plexus: muscle shoulder groove, supraclavicular, subclavian, axillary and brachial canal; lower extremity block (leg, knee, ankle surgery): femoral nerve, median nerve, axillary nerve, Musculocutaneous nerve, sciatic nerve and other superficial nerve block, paravertebral nerve, extremity blood vessels;


2.Vascular surgery: upper and lower extremity vascular examination, PICC catheterization: basilar venipuncture, jugular vein puncture, carotid artery stenosis screening, lower extremity deep vein thrombosis screening, radial artery and other inspections;

3.Intervention department: Ultrasonic puncture guidance for liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidney, peritoneal effusion, pleural effusion, prostate, uterus, urology, etc., such as puncture histological examination and minimally invasive treatment of liver and kidney tumors under ultrasound guidance, and curative effect evaluation;

Thyroid, breast, superficial soft tissue puncture guidance, ultrasound-guided PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter), ultrasound-guided puncture histological examination and minimally invasive treatment, ultrasound-guided puncture catheter drainage;

4.Nephrology: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidney, renal blood flow color Doppler ultrasound, ureter bladder, peritoneal effusion, ultrasound-guided percutaneous renal puncture, ultrasound-guided renal cyst, abscess fluid extraction treatment and follow-up, kidney biopsy—pathological diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, kidney Tumor biopsy - Differentiate between benign and malignant, superior mesenteric artery;

Basilic vein puncture, radial artery, cephalic vein, internal fistula access inspection, internal jugular vein puncture vascular access assessment, puncture guidance (catheter insertion, biopsy);

5.Orthopedics: ultrasound-guided puncture aspiration, drug injection;


6.Urology: Ultrasound-guided percutaneous renal surgery, monitoring and follow-up during urinary system lithotripsy, biopsy of benign and malignant nodules of benign prostatic hyperplasia, differentiation of benign and malignant, bladder fistula for acute urinary retention, urological surgery (guided by percutaneous nephroscopic puncture, etc.) ), visual guidance of renal biopsy, urinary catheterization, etc., and determination of residual urine;


7.Pain department: ultrasound-guided interventional therapy (peripheral nerve block, drug therapy, ultrasonic shock wave, small needle knife, muscle relaxation, thermal ablation), ultrasound-guided joint injection, fluid aspiration, venipuncture (treatment), nerve block , Ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block technology, limb nerves, thoracodorsal artery, shape ganglion, paravertebral nerve;

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